Top Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Saving Energy and Time

You should note that an electric pressure cooker is an energy-efficient kitchen appliance. Its cooking chamber is fully insulated. That means the cooker does not have to exert a lot of energy to heat up. It is vital to note that pressure requires less liquid as compared to traditional cooking methods. Therefore, your food will cook faster. When you compare it to other cooking techniques, such as boiling, steaming, or baking, you can reduce up to 70% of cooking time and energy with pressure cooking.

Rich in Nutrients and Vitamins

You should note that boiling makes water-soluble vitamins to get out of the food. In this way, it diminishes the value of food. Fortunately, pressure cookers can help cook food evenly, deeply, and quickly. They can even allow the food to retain over 90% of water-soluble vitamins.


Preserves Food’s Taste and Appearance

When you cook food in open containers, it gets exposed to heat and oxygen. That may lead to diminished flavor and colors. Remember that pressure cooking saturates the food with steam. Therefore, it allows for the retention of phytochemicals and bright colors. Also, the airtight design means that flavors can develop more profoundly and faster.

Gets Rid of Harmful Microorganisms

The fact that pressure cookers create an environment where water boils at temperatures higher than 100 degrees Celsius, it destroys harmful microorganisms. Therefore, you can use it to treat water sterilized baby bottles.


You should note that advanced pressure cookers have preset programs for common cooking tasks such as rice, beans, steaming, soup, and more. Pressure cookers provide automated cooking processes as they time each step of the cooking task. Since the process is automated, you do not have to monitor temperature levels or cooking time. Therefore, you are not tied to the kitchen to cook your meals.

Tender and Flavorful Meals

You should note that pressure cookers cook deeply and evenly, thanks to the advanced technologies of an embedded microprocessor. The cooking cycles are properly controlled to prepare delicious meals. According to Corrie Cooks, pressure cookers cook tender and flavorful meals. Since meals are sealed in an airtight environment, you are assured that nutrients, aromas, flavors, and vitamins remain trapped inside.

For instance, when you use a pressure cooker for cooking tough meats, the cooking allows intramuscular fats and tough proteins to break down quickly. This results in tender meat. Moreover, pressure cooked legumes and beans are firm yet soft, and you do not have to soak them before cooking.