Learn How To Enjoy Your Glass of Wine the Right way


A party is never complete without a glass of wine. Wine is a drink that is associated with class and joy. When it comes to matters wine, not many people understand the intricacies that come drinking wine. For instance, most people are only able to identify wines by their color, not other finer details, which only connoisseurs can tell. You can get closer top wine brands by visiting http://www.woodlandswines.com.au just in case you do not know where to start.drink

In a group, or with the one that matters most, gulping wine as most people do with beer ruins the party. For an unforgettable experience, you need to learn and master the ins and outs of enjoying wine. To do this, here is a guide on how to enjoy your wine just like the pros do.

How to enjoy your glass of wiine

Select the best wine

The first step to enjoying wine is selecting the right type and brand. For starters, sweet wine should be a preferred option. As you progress, you only need to know that red wine goes in handy with red meat. On the other hand, white meat is used with seafood’s and poultry. When in doubt, you can always ask someone with some experience to avoid ruining the party.


After you have the right wine, you also need to know that each type of wine should be served at a particular temperature range. In this regard, red wines are best when served anywhere between 60-65 degrees. Anything between 50-55 degrees is good for white wines. When serving, you should pour into another bottle and allow it to beat. This is what is known as decanting wine.

drinkPour it well

After decanting the wine, one also needs to know how to serve it. In a dinner, wine is served in large glasses with stems. When it comes to other details, red wine should be served in glasses with a big bowl whereas white wine is served in a glass with a relatively long bowl.

Use your senses to test it

One you have your wine in the wine glass, you need to test it before testing. Interesting? You should place your glass beside a white background and look at the shade of the wine and the brim and the center. The center should have a deeper shade. When it comes to the aroma, it should be able to strike you when the glass is swirled slightly. When all is good, sip it slowly as you enjoy the luxury.