Choosing a wedding photographer

wedding photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer is a decision you should not take lightly. Unless you have a photographer in mind, you might consider some of those looking at suggestions from photography magazines, online or offered by some friends and family members. During your search, it is imperative to have an idea of what you are looking for. From there, shortlist a few photographers and choose the best based on their suitability to this project.

Things to look for when choosing a wedding photographer

Rapportwedding photographer

How comfortable do you feel when talking to the photographer? Considering that you will be spending a significant of your time with the photographer, you need to ensure there is a good rapport right from the first time you meet them.

Photography style

People have different preferences when looking at the photography style. Some people are inclined to the romantic style, others the documentary style. That said, here are some common photography styles mostly used in weddings.

Photography styles explained

Romantic style

This is one of the most preferred photography styles today. Ideally, the photographer uses some specific backdrops and lightings to create special depictions of the bride and the grooms. Photographers that use this style might consider suing sepia tints and some soft focus to suit the theme. If you want your photos to convey messages of romance, go for a photographer that shoots in this style.


Formal wedding photography is all about telling the whole story as it is. Besides focusing on the romantic side of the wedding, the photographer also ensures that your guests to are part of the story. Ideally, each guest should feature in at least one shot. Wedding photographers that use the formal approach are highly preferred if you would like to have almost every detail of this special day documented well.


This photography style adopts a journalist approach of looking at the nature of events during the day of the wedding photographerwedding. As such, the photographer captures special shots covering each detail of this special day. These pictures might be taken randomly throughout the day with an objective of capturing real scenes. People interested in capturing genuine emotions during the wedding prefer this style of wedding photography.

Making the choice

Choosing a wedding photographer should not be tough. You only need to do your research and ensure everything is clear.