Food Dehydrating for Beginners

dry fruits

Food dehydrating is a good method to preserve food by drying. The drying method of preserving food has been there since time in memorial, and it is still improving. With the growth of technology, drying food doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Drying and preserving food will help you save cost and enjoy tasty, nutritious food. However, before you think about drying food, it is important to learn how to do it in the right way. Here are some food dehydration ideas that will be helpful when drying food:

Methods of drying food

Sun drying food

Sun drying food is the basic method of dryingsun drying tomatoes food, and it was used long before freezers were invented. With sun drying, you dry the food that you want under the sun. This is common for vegetables and also foods like meat. Sun drying is effective for drying food, but you have to be patient when doing it. It might take some time before the food is completely dry.

Oven Drying

Oven drying is effective for drying food, but it requires some skills. You need to be careful when drying the food to avoid burning food during the process. For instance, when drying food using an oven, you have to make sure that you set the temperatures under 90. It is also important to keep the oven door slightly open so that you avoid burning the food. Air should be circulating throughout the whole process.

Using a food dehydration

Using a food dehydrator is one of the modern ways of drying food. The best thing about using a food dehydrator is the fact that it is easy to use. Most of the food dehydrators only require you to set them up and forget. You need to clean the food and put it in a food dehydrator. You don’t have to worry about monitoring the food throughout the process.

Tips on drying food

Drying food is a skill that you develop over time. It is important to learn how to slice food in the right manner to achieve perfect results. Here are some important techniques in drying food:

Pick the best quality

food on a dehydrating machineIt is important to always pick the best quality food for dehydration. The taste and flavor of food will depend on the quality of food that you used for dehydration.

Add flavors

You can add flavors to the food in the process of dehydration. Using additives like salt and herbs can help in increasing flavor at the end of the day.