How To Make a Picky dog Eat

dog food

There comes a time when your dog will develop a behavior of not eating its food whenever you give it. This can be caused as a result of you giving the dog table scraps which makes the dog feel there is another option for food other than the one it is fed on. This aspect can cause the dog to be obese or will end up developing a finicky behavior. This behavior will make the dog avoid eating its food with the hope of finding food that is more exciting than the one it is given. The good thing is that there are several tips that you can use to make the picky dog eat normally and also you can purchase our food for fussy eaters. In this article, we give some of these tips you will employ to make your picky dog eat.

Limit treats and table craps

If you wish to stop the finicky behavior of your dog you should consider limiting dogthe treats you give the dog. For instance, there are some foods that you will feel you need to give the dog as a way of treating, and then you should stop such treat to make the dog eat its food. Giving a dog too much will make it know that there are other foods to eat other than the one you give it on a daily basis. On the other hand, you should avoid giving the dog table craps. They also make the dog develop a desire for more hence abandoning its food.

Consider heating the dog food

dog foodTo make your dog eat its food without being picky o foods, you should try heating the food. Yes, you read it right, heating the dog’s food. Heating the food will make the food emit good aromas which are not felt when the food is cold. The nice aroma will make the dog want to eat the food because it will feel it is a whole different meal.

Add some broth

To make the dog food more appealing and nice, you can also consider adding some bit of beef, chicken or vegetable broth to the dog’s food. This will encourage the dog to have a desire of eating the food since it will be pleasant than the one it is used to. It’s also crucial to use the one which has low sodium or onion free because onions can be toxic to the dog. You can also decide to make bone stock at home which will be much healthier to add to the dog food.