Corporate gifts to give out this year

gifts As the curtains are about to fall on the year, there’s no better way to show appreciation to your customers than by offering them corporate gifts. It is high time organizations moved away from the norm and started offering gifts that are unique. Pens, diaries and calendars branded with your company’s logo have become a bit too mainstream.

Look for a great and unique gift that is relevant to the individual receiving it. It should be a gift that shows how much you appreciate your client; not a marketing strategy for your product or service. The following gifts will be a great choice as the year comes to an end:

1.An amazing experience

Memories are made of great experiences. You can treat your clients to a dive trip, cooking class or an experience in a fighter jet. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are plenty of cool and affordable experiences you can purchase as gifts

2. Books

In these modern times it is rare for people to receive books as gifts. I’m not talking about eBooks. I mean books with pages that you can flip through and smell. A well-considered book is actually a great corporate gift choice to a client.

3. A gift basket

By gift basket I don’t mean a basketful of products that are irrelevant to a client. Go for a smart gift basket filled customized products that one can use. For this to happen you have to think about the kind of person the recipient is. What does their business deal in, what does he love, what does he joke about, where is their business heading-these are some but a few questions to consider.

4. Membership

Maybe your client has been trying to get into shape lately. A gym subscription would make a perfect gift choice. She might be interested in doing yoga, Why not get a 3-months membership to a Yoga studio? Such corporate gifts are unique, well thought out and appropriate.

5. A gift focusing on one’s wellbeing

You can buy your client a gift voucher for a day of spa treatment or a classic concert. It will be hard for him/her not to feel appreciated and thought of. Such gifts create a personal connection with your client. They also promote one’s mental wellbeing and health.


6.Magazine subscriptions

With so many magazines to choose from, you can gift your client with a subscription to a relevant magazine. If your client runs an interior décor business, you can give her a years’ subscription to a home magazine. The best part in giving such a gift is that every month your client gets to be reminded of you.