Benefits of Video Content Marketing

If you have a business and you would wish to attract more customers, then it is a high time you began using the video content marketing. Video content marketing is one of the secret weapons that the leading SEOs in the world are using to rank the websites of the clients higher on the search engines. V

Catches the Consumer’s Eye

youtube videoThe video content is becoming popular as far as content marketing is concerned. According to professionals in this sector, the video content will be responsible for 80 percent of the internet traffic by 2020. When you promote your business using video, you will easily catch the eye of the consumer. Customers will be easily attracted by the video content and not the written content. The more captivating a video the more attracted will be the consumers to your product.


With the video content, it is easier to optimize your content since you are able to see various dynamics of the viewers. You can see the number of users who watch the video over and over again, the gender, and for how long they were able to watch the video. This information is critical as it can help you with optimization. You can therefore, tell what is really working and what is not working through the video content. This information is critical when you are optimizing your future videos.

Trust and Emotional Connection

lady watching videoThe video content also helps with trust and emotional connection especially if you are running an online business. One of the most difficult things to earn when you are running an online business is trust.

Customers need to trust you before they send you cash for various items. Creating a promotional video will help you to come up with a video which will create a long-term relationship with the customers. Since video marketing creates trust, companies that advertise their content through videos tend to attract lots of customers than those who do not.